Full throttle through the first half of the year.

A grand birthday, a new work facility and the second edition of our sustainability report – and we are only halfway into 2023!

A century with Sörling.

With proud steps, we have entered our hundredth year with Sörling as a registered company, and we allow ourselves to look back for a moment. All this is possible thanks to the successful collaboration between Johan Sörling and the Höglund brothers, who developed the famous hydraulic tipper ahead of their time and quickly developed the small mechanical workshop into a modern bodywork industry. Over the years, many exciting events have happened such as the launch of our first Goldstar in 1988, which today lives on in its third generation. With inspiration and strength from our history, we continue to look curiously at the road in front of us and look forward to the next 100 years.

The move to Grafikgatan 19.

During the spring, it was finally time for the big move to our new, state-of-the-art facility in Uppsala. Due to our 100th birthday, it was an excellent opportunity for us to invite some friends to a double celebration at our facility at Grafikgatan 19. On May 12, we had customers and partners coming over for a barbecue in the spring sun – and we proudly got to cut the ribbon for the new, pompous building. The facility is also labeled Sustainability Building Silver, which is a big step in our ongoing journey towards a 100 % sustainable operation.

The latest sustainability report is here.

For the second year in a row, we have launched our voluntary sustainability report and it is with gratifying news we can announce that our work to reduce emissions is showing results. In 2022, we reduced our CO2 emissions by 55 % per vehicle built – which is a huge step for our sustainable development. Together with our sister companies in the Inducore Group, and with today’s modern technology and electric solutions, we find new ways to drive Sörling forward toward a climate-smart future. You can find the sustainability report for 2022 on our website if you are interested in knowing more about our work.


Multistar G3 – the everyday hero.

After years of fine-tuning even the smallest details, we can finally introduce our latest update: the third generation of Multistar. 

The new generation.

Appearance-wise, generation two and three may be similar. The big difference is in the production design – and the updated features: openable sides, an all-new bottom construction, 3-way tipping, and a greater opening angle on the sides. Not to forget the adjustable side wall, which makes unloading way easier.

All that space.

Internally, Multistar G3 is the biggest one yet on the market. With its full-width bottom and the straight inside corners, the new Multistar has plenty of room – fitting as many as three standard euro pallets in a row.

Going for a lighter future.

The new design means higher quality and longer service life. But, more importantly, we have managed to reduce the weight significantly – without losing either strength or stability. This is the new everyday hero: stronger, steadier, and more agile than ever before.


Exciting news.

During the past year, we have spent countless hours in our factory developing the latest additions to our Sörling family: the Powerstar Hook Loader and our Automatic Cassette – and we are stoked to finally be able to introduce them to the market.

Making your job easier

Our hook loader is robust, yet flexible and easy to operate – developed to make your job a little easier. It has the market’s lowest build height and is equipped with a control lever with direct airflow, both contributing to significantly easier operation. Even better, the hook loader has hydraulic limit switches without any electronics, which makes the system stable and durable.

Time is money

As if that wasn’t enough, Powerstar can be equipped with speed driving and tipping – meaning that you can perform your job a lot faster. By keeping the driving time down to a minimum, you reduce fuel consumption and achieve higher profitability. How about that?

A tailored solution

Our Automatic Cassette is part of our Goldstar G3 family. The new version is lighter, stronger and all the other features as the Goldstar G3 – including 45 degrees corner reinforcements, which releases the load easier. The cassette is also available in several versions and can be equipped with many different optional extras to ensure a custom-made product – precisely in line with your requirements. This means you get a product that helps maximize your productivity.