We make the same stringent quality demands of our subcontractors as we do of ourselves. By working exclusively with the best in the business, our products are developed to meet ever more ambitious demands for quality and efficiency. Sörling is ISO 9001 and 14001 certified.



Sörling shall offer bodywork and trailer vehicles for heavy goods vehicles that not only meet but exceed our customers’ requirements and expectations.

Sörling shall offer experience and expertise through continuous improvement work. We shall be an organisation that focuses on the customer and that delivers products with optimum performance and quality.



Sörling shall protect the environment and comply with binding requirements. Our ambition to reduce our environmental impact shall be a process of ongoing improvements in every aspect of our operations in order to improve our environmental performance.

We work actively to achieve sustainable development, with reduced energy and material consumption, and to minimise the use of materials that are harmful to people’s health or the environment.



Our products are manufactured in line with current regulations issued by the relevant authorities, such as the Swedish Road Administration, AB Svensk Bilprovning, and the National Board of Occupational Safety & Health. Our vehicles are delivered with the requisite certifications of functionality, quality, and safety in use. Tipping stability is tested in accordance with applicable norms in cooperation with AB Svensk Bilprovning, either at our own facilities or those of a local coachbuilder.



The majority of truck retailers and coachbuilders can offer a high standard of service, and if more comprehensive service work is required, our workshops have the know-how and service-mindedness you need.



We supply our products in accordance with the Truck Body Manufacturers’ Association’s General Conditions for Supply.


complaints/quality defects

We want all of our customers to be satisfied customers! But if you, our customer, are not completely satisfied with our product and have detected a defect in the rig you bought from us, we want you to submit a complaint. To ensure we can process your complaint optimally, you must report it using our complaint report process, which you will find here.



We have knowledgeable staff at our workshops to handle spare part deliveries. Documenting all spare part deliveries also ensures your local bodyworks can make deliveries from their own facilities and help minimise any unplanned downtime.

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